FBI agent speaks to Loyola University students on homegrown terrorism

With the Islamic State growing in numbers, financial resources and controllable land in the Middle East, there is a growing concern of Western supporters joining the terrorist group

Medill’s Adam Banicki reports…

FBI Special Agent Dan Williams met with criminal justice students ay Loyola University in Chicago Thursday to discuss new terrorist threats with the recent events surrounding the Islamic State.

WILLIAMS: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he is the amir of the Islamic State, so they start by capturing small villages and they’ll fleece that village of its weapons. We probably do not know everyone that has gone over there to join ISIL. They receive training over oversees; they come back and then exercise those skills here.

The FBI is taking preventive measures using social media to discover U.S. citizens that are planning attacks on American soil. Williams believes that the Islamic State attacks will look different from terrorist attacks we’ve seen in the past.

WILLIAMS: The message from Baghdadi and his people, we don’t need spectacular attacks, we don’t need planes into towers. We need our fellow believers to attack in small numbers to generate fear.

For Chicago residents, Williams asks that people report any strange activity that may be terrorist related.

So we want to know what they’re doing here. So that’s where we focus our efforts. We can’t have these young people getting on planes and going there and ending up dead.

For Medill, I’m Adam Banicki